Now Hiring: Personal Calendar Keeper

I am going on vacation everyone!

I don’t get out of town often enough.  I usually wait until I’ve overworked myself enough and held myself back from too many excursions to the point where I contemplate running away (again).  I’ve reached that point, folks!  I need a good getaway, and it is just around the corner.

What are you planning to do, Hannah?  Where are you planning to go?

Oh baby, let me tell you.

Four of my friends and I will be driving ourselves to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a hidden gem in the Secrets of Travel. We will be camping luxuriously in a pop-up camper (anything above a one person tent qualifies as luxury in my book.  Unless it’s a grimy motel with mildew sheets that smell like dead moths and a fuzzy t.v. with cable porn.  Yuck, give me the Great Outdoors, please), and day-tripping (non-drug style) to several of the best spots in the mid-peninsula area.

We’re talking Tahquamenon Falls, hiking around Pictured Rocks on the coast of Lake Superior, biking all over Grand Island, and Instagramming the shit out of it all.

I am excited. Like, one week too excited.

Because I sent out an e-mail today saying, “Two more days, ladies!!!!” to which I received a quick text response from Ashley saying, “Daryl, we don’t leave until next week.”

Aha! Suddenly it made sense why my bosses didn’t give me the days off I had requested.  It’s also why I thought I’d magically be able to go to the Tiger’s game next weekend with my family, and why I was so confused when I had to break the news that I could no longer “compete” in this weekend’s MudVenture 5k!  It’s because I had the dates ALL wrong and it’s amazing to me that I survive day after day with this short circuited brain of mine.

I was so confused why I seemed to be the only one trying to discuss last minute details…because I’m NEVER that girl.  I’m the one fifteen minutes late with clothes tossed in a plastic bag and entirely unprepared.

Not this time, because now I am entirely packed with all of my flannel and hiking socks and will likely have two weeks off to stew with these ants in my pants, since I gave away all my shifts for this week.

One last shift before then, which I’ll probably be late to!

Happy Tuesday!