I’m thankful you read this sometimes.

Are you all so thankful for things?

Good. You should be.

Thanksgiving is a good holiday.  We spend all year taking things for granted, working hard to spend our money on stupid shit we don’t need, maxing out credit cards and then panicking when the bill comes in the mail. (You don’t do that?)

You do, stop lying.

Even if you really don’t, it’s good we spend Thanksgiving remembering to be grateful, even if it is the only day we do so.

Then Black Friday happens.

Which, isn’t that the most perfect label for the day? It’s dark and gruesome and scary. People cussing love it.  It’s ridiculous.

This year was the first year I actually ventured out on Black Friday.  Granted, it was 1pm and I went to the animal supplies stores. (Scored a dog bed at 1/2 price and a huge bag of dog food, also 1/2 price.) Totally worth it.

Even though I dealt more with traffic than actual human beings, I still found myself chuckling at their craziness.  Horns were honked, birds were flipped, fender benders just nearly missed; it was delightfully weird.

It reminded me of my first Christmas in Jackson.

My roommates were back in Michigan celebrating with their families, so my dear friend, Cody, invited me to spend Christmas at her house with another close friend of ours, her two sweet little boys, a lovely couple visiting from California, and Cody’s three enormous dogs.

This was before I had found my own sweet canine, so I was head over heels for these loveable pooches, and had bought them each a little snack for Christmas.

I walked in that morning and placed them under the tree.

Cody was hard at work cooking up the most delicious of Christmas meals (she’s from Texas…we’re talking amazing cook), and the rest of us wandered around chatting and goofing around with the little boys.

The next moment, there was the deepest snarling, growling, barking, and scuffling.  Tables were knocked over and yes, you guessed it, the two male dogs were attacking eachother, digging their teeth into one another, over the dog bones I had brought for them.

Cody jumped on top, Steve did what he could to help separate them, Amy and I threw the boys on the counter, out of the way.  Boobs fell out of robes, claws and teeth broke skin, everyone was shaken up, and the dogs had to go to the emergency vet.  Merry Christmas!

This is the memory that popped into my mind as I drove through the Black Friday madness. I was laughing inside, but to think that we follow the one day we’ve set aside to be thankful for how immensely we’ve been blessed, with a day where we trample eachother, snarl and curse at eachother, and mostly want to rip eachother to pieces.  All for gifts we’ll give to others who will most likely not be grateful for them until the following Thanksgiving…I mean, does this not seem severely effed up?

I can’t lie though, I wouldn’t find a bag of dog food that big, for that price on any other day of the year.

I also no longer put dog gifts under the tree.  Lesson learned.

So, to you avid Black Friday shoppers, is it worth it?

Not since Wednesday,


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