Best. Tip. Ever.

Bob Dylan was in Grand Rapids last night!


I was asked to give up my night off and come to work a last minute party.  I agreed, and Melissa and I waited on a lovely group of 15 people.  They enjoyed their meals (obviously) and began talking about their next stop for the evening.  You guessed it!  They were headed to the Bob Dylan concert.  In a VIP suite, of course.

I got to chatting with two gentlemen who insisted Melissa and I join. I, thinking this was only a nice gesture and an invite they had no authority to give, made jokes in return.  Surely they knew that they could not just invite random people to the VIP suite, right?

They began to take their leave, one of said gentlemen gave me his card and told me to “seriously, call him” and the bill was paid.  After they left, Melissa and I began to clean up when we noticed that by our tip they had also left two tickets…to Bob Dylan!

We almost shit our pants.

Then we agreed we absolutely had to go, and began rushing about our work.

We told our manager, who awesomely began helping us clean up to get us out of there ASAP.  News spread quickly how we received VIP tickets to the concert and everyone whined with envy.

Melissa and I quickly changed and stepped outside to snow falling softly all over Grand Rapids.  It felt like a very magical evening was about to take place.

When we arrived to the arena, our tickets were scanned and we were escorted to the suite.  When we walked in there was an uproar of, “They came!” Followed my more enormously welcoming “So glad you came!” and “You two were so fantastic tonight, we are so glad you could make it!”

Four and a half seconds later we were interrogated about what we would like to drink and thirty seconds after that we had drinks in our hands.  Even though they had just gorged upon a three course meal, there was still a decadent spread of fruit, cheese, meats, and desserts.

The concert was ridiculous, the company was hilarious, and the champagne was endless.

At the end of the evening they asked how we were planning on getting home, I told them a cab, but more than likely I would call my mom for a ride (since she’s awesome).

They laughed and said, “Absolutely not!”

Turns out they had a limo carting them around all day and after dropping them off at the hotel, yes, I received a personal limo ride to my home.

Am I still dreaming?

How jealous are you?

Best tip ever?

Such a night to remember!



You are so ridiculous if you believed any of that hoo-ha.

All is true, up to the part where our tickets were scanned.

They were parking tickets in the disguise of a VIP concert ticket, and we were so, so punked.

So instead of all that amazing stuff, we rushed out of the building hiding our faces in disgrace and shared a bottle of wine at Melissa’s apartment, and then had a beer at Founders, wallowing in shame and self-pity.

I doubt we’ll live this down at work.

Still very upset and unaware as to why I’m sharing this story of embarassment,


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