I’m sitting home on a quiet Sunday evening in my warm home, relaxing on a comfy couch with my dad and my dogs, watching cable television and mocking commercials while a load of laundry is drying in the laundry room and cookies baking in the oven.  I even asked my sister to take my socks off for me – and she did!

Then she massaged my feet and gave me a pedicure!

No she didn’t, but she did take my socks off, which was super nice.

I had meals today that would satisfy even the most gluttonous of people, enjoyed honest company of wonderful friends, and soaked in the sun at the park with fellow dog lovers.  Of course we had wine with our pizza this evening.

Now that is freedom.

My brain is not nearly selfless enough nor capable of grasping what our soldiers have experienced, witnessed, accomplished, developed, and sacrificed for our country, and continue to do so. Pretty freaking amazing.

A simple blog post doesn’t say any sort of thank you that each of them deserve, but how do you repay so many who have given so much?

To all our veterans and to those who continue to serve,

You are the most amazing blessing, the bravest of souls, the reason for our comfort.

Thank you for your service!

So anyone up for a triathlon? Spring or Summer 2013? Last time I almost drowned, so surely it’s on my “to do” list again!  It’d be in preparation for the Iron Man and marathon to add to our resume so we can apply to be in the Eco Challenge.  We will also need to accomplish some Adventure Races beforehand.  Anyone in?

I did a few lunges today and was devising a plan for how I could avoid stairs for the rest of the week to allow the muscles to repair themselves when I realized how pathetic I am. So…when in doubt, swim, bike, and run it out (etc.).

(That can’t really be anyone’s motto, can it?) 

Also, anyone up for a beer tomorrow?

(She’s so contradictory)

Yes, I know.  Welcome to my brain!

to all those who have served/are serving:

With my bedside water,



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