Pensive thoughts on Sewage Systems

As I drove home from work late last night, I started to notice random shoots of fog climbing from the side of the road.  It took my tired mind a few moments before realizing that the warm air creating the fog-like mist was creeping out of each sewer I passed.

It grossed me out so badly, I most certainly let out a verbal “that’s sick.”

It got me thinking, who came up with the whole “let’s set up a system wear all our piss and shit goes underground and then maybe we can clean it up or something and reuse it?”

Whoever that was, (it was actually an evolutionary development that happened over thousands of years to become what is now our modern day sewage system) is brilliant, and I think highly of them for thinking there may be a better way than throwing the entire family’s collection of shit into a nearby river.

I was still entirely grossed out.  Nothing like ending the night by passing beams of warm, foul air emerging in to the night sky. Yum.

“Is she really coming back from her two week blogging hiatus with a post on poop?”

Are you really that surprised?

The events of late were, to put it simply, the bomb. 

BS and AK were supposed to marry one another outdoors way out in the countryside.  Then the weather decided to be -94 degrees and rainy, so we moved it into a phenomenally decorated old barn.  We’re talking lanterns hanging from beams, extravagent branch table decorations, soft white linens covering everything, and it turned out, the dark and gloomy weather only added to the romantic feel of the day/night.  It was sexy.

It’s really great they got married, because they’re that perfect for each other.  No better thing to do than to make a forever situation. My heart is once again overflowing with happiness for more of my great friends.  It rocks that they found “that” person. 

Life might be getting back to normal for this girl now! (I know, I know, the actual definition is far from normal over here)

What’s up next in the life of Hannah in her twenties?  Probably more super exciting things like thinking about sewage systems….


P.S. when you opened this up you totally thought it wasn’t going to be about sewage systems at all, didn’t you?


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