Pizza, birthday, no sleep haze.

Where am I? What’s going on? Leaf you alone? What are you a tree?

Today I could have slept forever.  I did not wake up early, nor did I try.  11:30 rolled around before I finally threw back the covers, lamenting each move.  Even then I was only removing myself from that comfy queen out of guilt.  I heard my mother letting the dogs outside at 5:30am, a task I definitely should have done, especially since I was still awake.  Instead, Nanc was the one to do it, and six hours later I could hear her arrive home after church and wander around upstairs probably wondering “is my 25 year-old daughter really still sleeping?  I’ve been up for hours!” 

It was just before 7:00am the last time I looked at the clock before finally drifting off.  Seriously, who does that?  And I wasn’t doing things to keep myself awake, either.  I was literally lying in bed with my eyes closed, for seven hours straight, with no luck of falling asleep.  I kind of laughed a little at that just now, because that is really weird to do.

Between 7 and 11am I woke up to a couple things.  One was to Dylan’s face poking above the edge of my bed.  The cutest grin on his face and a sweet and excited “Nannah!” came from his lips when he saw me eyes open.  My stone cold heart softened before drifting back to Dreamland.

Not too long after that I awoke to my dog setting his ass on my head in an attempt to persuade me to cuddle with him.  Instead he got a punch to said ass and sent him straight to his own bed.  Canines.  They don’t quite have their etiquette down.

So now my heavy, watery eyes and I have agreed to go help a friend move to his new house.  He bribed us all with pizza and beer.  It was the pizza that reeled me in.  I am very passionate and enthusiastic about pizza, so apparantly, if you would like my help, or want to lure me in any way, involve pizza.  No olives, please.

On a brighter note, it is a friend’s birthday today, and boy do I love birthdays.  She is so small and red-headed and has a fantastic dry sense of humor and the sparkliest giggle to balance it all out.   Since she has earned another year, we are going to celebrate her tonight.  I am so beyond tempted to wear a gown…

Pizza and birthday celebration cocktails? Yeah, I’ll be there.  All day. Maybe I’ll become energetic at some point.  (Pouring second cup of coffee while contemplating an energy drink) Or shaky.  Either energetic or just shaky and anxious.  I’ll do my best, though!

With what I hope will be a PBR,