Hello, Cuties.

If you were in West Michigan this past week/weekend, I hope your heart soaked up every bit of that amazing weather.

I had the priveledge of throwing a bachelorette party for two of my amazing friends.

Another friend, Anna (the other bride’s maid-of-honor), was my partner in planning this event, and holy cuss, I could not have done it without her.  She’s the organized,  level-headed, responsible one. Praise the Lord for Anna.

We rented a wonderful house in one of my favorite spots on the Lakeshore, Saugatuck.  Oh, my sweet and sunny Saugatuck.  So in love with that place.  We arrived before noon and started the day off with mimosas and sangria and time to chat and catch up with close friends, friends we haven’t seen in a while, and people we didn’t even know.

We enjoyed a fantastic lunch with, what were they called? Shit, I forget. Help me out, Rachel!  P.S. You are hysterical.  She made these sandwiches and I wanted to eat 17 pieces.  Deli meat and, (here’s the crazy part!) black olives and green pepper.  I hate both of those things, but damn, it was tasty.

Our slightly tipsy group scampered off to stroll the much more sober streets of downtown Saugatuck.  Four of us walked into a shop where there were tons of “bachelorette-y” type games, gag gifts, costumes.  The lady clerk there was trying so hard to sell us on all of it.

Instead, we bought these teeth and wore them around, because we want people to think we are just bizarre, without any celebrations to excuse our nonsensical behavior.

(The blushing bride is on the right.)


Naturally, after a few shops, we realized our buzz was fading a little too quickly, and everyone decided a beer was necessary.

Ashley decided that 37 beers and 14 shots was necessary…


And then Gerou proposed to Annette (When in Rome!)


This is their cake. Courtesy of Anna


We try to stay as classy as possible with decorations


We went wine tasting in town at 5 and swerved our way back to the house for dinner and, yup, more cocktails. But also for Apples to Apples.  Have you played that game before?  You should.

Shannon‘s gift to the two brides included footy pajamas.  Around what I’m going to guess 11pm (I really have no clue at all) the brides decided they wanted to check out Saugatuck’s nightlife.  We were all in pajamas! What to do?  You go to the bars in your pajamas.  Or in their case, animal print footy pajamas.  Hilarious doesn’t quite say it.  They stood on a stage and danced in them. We sang karaoke in them (Celine Dion, we were “those girls” screaming into the microphone…I think I was sitting on the ground). You can bet your ass we made a ton of friends.



I have other pictures, but we can’t give everything away, can we?

Perhaps I’ll post more, as more stories come back to me.  For now, It’s 10pm on Sunday evening and even after 6 ibuprofen, 2 naps, pizza and so much water, I’m still pretty wrecked.

On the bright side, my cheeks hurt so badly from all of the laughter and smiles.  It’s worth every throb in my head.

Without a cocktail,