Self-intervention time of year

About twice a year I realize that my love-handles are once again getting slightly out of control and reactively start eating healthier and get back on some sort of exercise routine.

Except when I was in Jackson.  In Jackson I would go for a hike or go to the gym and then treat myself with beer, or a lot of times with screwdrivers, because that has orange juice in it. (Funny since OJ isn’t actually healthy…at all! Thanks sugar, you OJ ruiner!)

Pick an exercise program and I’ve done it.

Here’s my problem and the reason why I quit, thus being mediocre in health for a majority of the time and have to face this “wake up call” twice a year: I become obsessed and start to deprive myself of food and drinks that I really love.

(Uh, isn’t she literally in love with food? Why would she do that?)

Yes! See my problem? When I get obsessed I tend to set myself up for failure.  I need that occasional plate of chips and cheese! And pasta with insanely creamy sauce! I mean, cheese alone is the killer. Oh boy, I’m salivating.

What better time to get back on a regime (I think she means regimen) than entering into a season where we cover up every inch of our bodies?  I can’t think of any better time…except for summer.  Summer would probably be a much better time.  To no fault but my own, I decided to eat a lot, drink a lot, and not be extremely active this summer, so fall it is.

Objective: To not deprive myself (especially of cheese) while being active and eating better and therefore, be able to officially end all necessary twice-a-year self interventions.

Goal: To look great in that baggy sweater…

To feel great and not sleep in until noon because at nine I should be getting up to do some stretching and a bit of a work out.

(uh, aren’t objectives and goals the same thing?)

Uh, yes.

Also on the news board:

My cousin got married! This congratulatory blog is far over due, but necessary.


She did things right.  They had a small ceremony with immediate family and grandparents only. (She looked bangin’ hot). Then a week or so later they had a great party with friends and family, anyone who could make it. I ofcourse, couldn’t go (night job, takes away all social aspects of life), but I heard it was beautiful and light and airy and everyone laughed and had great conversation, and they made sure there were enough adult beverages for it to stay that way throughout the night.  I really, really wish I could have been there.

I have no doubt in my mind that their life together will be warm and beautiful, with far more ups than downs, and so many memories that their hearts may overflow.

To my thighs not rubbing together, but far moreso to Jamie and Jared,