Dude, super serious.

“All the emptiness inside you is hard enough to fill

Without a sense of purpose,

We’re setting up to fail

You don’t have to make it right,

Just hold your head up high.”

-Imagine Dragons


Spot on, guys, spot on.  I think this is why my quest for “what am I here for? what am I supposed to be doing?” has been causing me so much agony.  Without a sense of purpose we feel empty, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

…”just hold your head up high”…

and so I shall.

On this gorgeous day, September 11, it’d be a travesty not to mention what happened on that day eleven years ago.  My prayer is that we always combat evil with love, and although we may call our declaration of war a retaliation against those who initiated this tragedy, I choose to also see it as a necessity in our pursuit for Peace.

For there are far too many people in this world that are entirely blind to the truth of Peace and Love, because Love knows no boundaries.  Love does not see Race or Religion.  It doesn’t vote Republican or Democrat.  It doesn’t hurt, It never casts judgement.

These two things I believe wholly in, and that I know for damn sure.  How do we bring about peace, though, when people are so confused about love? They’re so intimately intertwined, that I see no way for one to not include the other.

I hope we can figure it out.  I hope we can stop hating and I hope bullying ends, and that every war serves a hugely more important purpose, and I hope we stop thinking that the political party that isn’t yours is evil, and I hope that we choose to be nice rather than mean, and I really hope we start striving for betterness.  All over Betterness.

(I hope she stops being so serious soon)

ok. Fine. You win.


Excuse me, ma’am? You have a creepy baby in your purse…

Aaaahhh the Adventures of Baby Layhe…stay tuned.

If you’re in my boat, keep holding your head up high!


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