Mare See Bow Coo

Happy Sunday!

I’m happy today, I promise.  I solemnly swear I shall not rant about angry things.

No, today is sunny, the air is crisp, the breeze is magnificent, the windows are open, my dog is behaving, and I am so, so happy.

I’ve started studying wine.  I don’t think it’s any secret that I really….really enjoy wine, but I’ve never had much motivation to study it.  Well, we are having a wine competition at work to see who can sell a certain amount from specific regions, and the winner(s) get a pretty legit reward.  I finally purchased this book (below) in hopes of 1. Not being such a dimwit about wine 2. Therefore being able to sell wine better and more knowledgeably 3. I’ll be wine tasting…a lot.


Today I read up on white French wines and decided I should probably venture off to see if I could find one worthy of trying.  Plus, Cooper really needed a visit to the dog park to ensure he wasn’t becoming anti-doggy-social. These people ahead of me were doing this, except more side by side, for a very long time.  So long that I had time to make the decision to pull my phone out, turn on the camera, aim, and shoot.  Can we say “Pet peeve!”?


Inspired after my wine purchase, I called up my Papa Bear and said, “Dad, don’t plan anything for dinner, I’m making it tonight!” (My mother is off in Wisconsin for the week to take care of grandkids…so my dad and I are to, what, fend for ourselves???)

I’m not an awful cook, but I don’t.  Cook, that is, often or super well.  The wine, though, it brings out this side of me that is like, “You need great food, and probably an eff load of cheese!” (did you know that in Spain, it’s an insult to serve wine and cheese together.  It’s like saying, “This wine tastes like shit, so here’s some sour dairy to cover up the taste!”?)

Well, we don’t think like that here, so cheese and bread it is.  I went with fresh french bread, brie, and goat cheese, with a side dish of Michigan-made honey called Z’s Bees. (super delicious, a family friend is the maker.  If you want amazing, local honey, contact me…I’ll hook you up)


I know, what a charcuterous spread! (did she just make up that word?) Yes! More than likely!

While I was at the store, I also picked up some seasonal beer that was more than appropriate for such a fall day.  A strong sipper, hello.


Voila! She can cook! I didn’t even use a recipe!


We even had French Cafe music playing on Pandora to celebrate the French theme we had going on.

Awww look how nice he is, pretending to love it! My dad is seriously, the best man ever.


Phoebe stared at me throughout the entire meal.  Helloooo I just fed you nine seconds ago…go away!


Pinot Blanc was the wine of choice.  I don’t think I’ve nailed down making great picks, but it was tasty enough for us to finish the bottle!  As I walked up to the counter at the spirits shop, the kid looked at me and said, “You look confused.”

“Oh, yeah that’s natural, don’t worry.”

“Ha, okay, this all today?”

“Actually, I’m just confused, because the vintage is really old for a Pinot Blanc from Alsace, France, and I’m just worried it might taste like shit.”

“oh…(silence)…well, if it is really bad, just bring it back and we’ll replace it.  Call us if it’s bad, though, we’ll take that vintage off the shelves if it is.”

MUAHAHAHA, it was a quick fact I read about in my book of wine magic today, and I had that kid ready to clear off a shelf.  Oh! the power of knowledge.


Anyway, it was a splendid father/daughter evening.  This man is so special to me.  My mom’s best decision of her life.  That and going for kid #5, because let’s be honest, I  think I just barely made the cut.


I hope that today you all said at least once “this life is awesome.”


2 thoughts on “Mare See Bow Coo

  1. Love this! I am so hungry now. Looks delicious and if you want to try that recipe again, I would be happy to let you make it for me! :). Love you!


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