Does Labor Day also mean no more leg shaving?

Oh Labor Day, the day to celebrate the end of summer and welcome the beginning of a new school year (for some) and the return of taking life a tilt more seriously for others.  No more “It might be Tuesday, but it’s summer!  So it’s okay that I’m eating this second cheeseburger and potato chips. And yes, I will absolutely have another beer, because, hey, it’s summer!”

That’s what I usually sense at this time each year.  Except in Jackson, where no one ever took anything seriously, ever, no matter what time of year (or day for that matter).

In West Michigan, however, the tides definitely turn.  Even in my own weird, off-beat, semi-loony life I find a bit more stabilization as the summer comes to a close.  As much as I adore melting in sticky humidity all summer long (and I really do, kind of!), I more than welcome fall.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than a Michigan fall.  The air is less heavy, more breathable, jeans and baggy sweaters and boots are once again acceptable.  Not to mention the colors.  I have missed Michigan falls, and I’m excited to finally be back for one.  I’m even looking forward to pretending to care about football.  Go team! (Which one, Hannah?) Whichever one is playing that you’re cheering for. 

“Go my favorite sports team, Go! They just scored a goal, unit, basket!” (name that comedian!)

 Today is still hotter than shit, and AC will be required on my travels to work this afternoon, but thanks to dear old Labor Day, I can rest assured that fall is approaching.  If fall were a man, he would be stylish, cool, sweet, and comforting.  I would date him, for sure.

Hey hey, we have to quickly throw in a little shout out to apple cider and pumpkins.  This year, throw a little Captian Morgan in your cider, and thank me later. 

Remember that time I was going to stop sleeping until noon? 11:45 today. Baby steps, y’all, baby steps.