Faux Tapas

Apparantly our favorite thing to do with our Spanish visitor is make a fool out of Americans.  Which is why we took Tou to dinner last night at a “Spanish tapas bistro” to show her how authentic we keep nothing.  The food was very good, but our sweet waitress completely botched the names of each dish we ordered and Tou said that although she enjoyed many of them, none were close to the actual Spanish tapa.  Go figure!  I’m so surprised!

On a completely unrelated topic, each night I prefer to enjoy a beer in bed while watching Friends (11pm-1:30am!) and fighting with a five pound dog for some bed space.  Oftentimes I will read or write instead of turning on the boob tube, but Friends is a sick weakness, however, I will proudly say that it is one of the only television programs that really sucks me in.

Last night, during a commercial break I switched over to the E! channel right as Chelsea Lately and her panel of funny and ignorant comedian friends began ripping on Mit Romney’s wife.  Now I’m not saying I would stand on a rooftop and shout, “I’m a Republican!”  But I also wouldn’t shout, “Left wing for life!” so I wasn’t really picking a side while I listened to their rant. I also like to think I have somewhat of a sense of humor and will more often than not giggle along with Miss Handler’s sarcastic bashfests.

One thing I would shout from the rooftop in reference to politics would be “I hope we can agree that our country needs serious help so let’s try to pick the one who can help direct all those dirty, scheming politicians to pull together to get back on track and, oh say, lead our country with the utmost competence and integrity!”  Yes, I’d shout that. (let’s be honest, I’d shout “poop is stinky!” just for a laugh, but I’m trying to focus here, people.)

So anyway, back to Romney’s wife.  All she said was that her favorite show is Modern Family, and she is getting verbally assaulted nationwide with others (CL and panel) saying things to the extent of how she likes the show but doesn’t support gay marriage or abortion which will ultimately lead to her damnation.


My favorite movie is Harry Potter.

“Oh my gosh-does that mean you hate real humans and support witchcraft and – Oh my gosh! She’s a witch! Burn her at the stake!”

What the shit?! No one does that!

As much as I love that hilarious woman I have to stand behind what I said before.  I wish people would calm down and support who they support without hating others.  I don’t know much about politics, but I know I don’t like when people start being lackadaisical with their humanity.

What’s that phrase?

Oh yeah, “to each his own”

…I like that…