Image Per your (maybe not YOU specifically) request, here are some pictures of the dresscapade I went on.  However, to fully capture its epic-ness, I had to schedule a reshoot this morning after I rolled out of bed.  Thankfully, my sweet sister and my dear nephew had spent the night and were more than obligated, I mean willing, to help.  The above and below dress belonged to Rachel, the picture  includes really rad dance moves and a super old family photo poking through in the background.  Her first comment when I walked out was “Oh my gosh, isn’t mine the prettiest?” and followed by a more nostalgic, “Aww, I want to have my wedding day again.” Image   This is Bekah’s. And no, I couldn’t get it zipped.  She is the size of my left ankle.  I remember before her wedding she would have a cup of chili during the day so she could have her beer at night.  …I’d marry her if I could. Image Image Side note: She wanted a simple gown, then I brought her this one to try on and BOOM! Just like that she was a born again poofy dress believer. Dylan photo interlude. Him and “Doop” Image This masterpiece was a bridesmaids dress from one of my aunt’s weddings.  I want to say Aunt Judy? This needs to be worn in public. Soon. Image This is my sister, Leah’s, junior bridesmaids dress for my Aunt Barb’s wedding… Image And this is the bow… Image Another Dylan interlude…Rach thought this one of his butt was so funny… Image Awww look at that snot face! Melt my heart why don’t you! Image Sarah’s dress. Quite elegant, awesome train not pictured Image Oh boy, favorite dress of the day, hands down.  I might wear this out on the town sometime.  Another dress from Aunt Barb’s wedding. Image I mean, come on… Image D providing some light background music.  I think it was Chopin today. Image Mother-of-the-bride dresses.  #1 Image #2 cuffs were awesome, I kind of want to go see the opera in this one. Mom, can I borrow this? (yes, that’s a dirty diaper on the arm of the chair.) Image #3 All I can say is my cleavage was out of control in this one. Image I’m clearly starting to get sick of this shit.  Bekah’s bridesmaid dress below, which was also worn three separate times by different girls at high school dances.  We really got our moneys worth! Image Leah’s bridesmaids dress.  Clearly still uninspired, Rachel suggested I start twirling… Image Best advice to give to me ever apparantly. Image I could’ve twirled forever. Image I’ll leave you with this one of D, “Where are my Freaking spagettio-Os!?!?!?” Image Fun, right? You will seriously be seeing me in the black and pink number one of these nights… cheers!