As you know, I …

As you know, I have four older sisters. 

“oh my gosh, five girls? Your poor dad!”

My immediate response is always, “No way, we were the bomb, not to mention hysterical.  He loved it.”

But then I really get thinking and although I generally hold my ground on my reaction, I must say, yes, my poor dad, but why do people never say “Your poor mother!”?

I think she’s the one who really had to deal with most of the girl fights, the snotty attitudes, the serious talks, etc.

She put up with a lot of combative estrogen.

Somehow, we all survived, and now my four older sisters are all very happily married with children. (wasn’t that a tv show?)

Today, I tried on three of their wedding dresses.  I have no idea why, I was home alone and going through old closets when I stumbled across these splendid, poofy gowns.  I couldn’t resist (who could?!) Even my dog stared at me like I had lost my larrys.  I was tempted to photograph and post each dress, and then realized how creepy I was being, especially since I’m somewhat of a nuptial cynic.

After the dresses I discovered my mother has kept most of our high school prom dresses, every single bridesmaid dress any of us have ever worn, (there’s a lot) and mother-of-the-bride dresses as well.  So I tried those on too.  I may have to post some of the most epic and horrific.  Perhaps I’ll surprise you with that tomorrow.

I’m not quite sure what brought on this gown donning escapade, but it was entertaining enough for a Wednesday afternoon.  Perhaps it’s because of all these weddings coming up in the next couple months…who knows.

I apologize, but that’s really all I have for you today.  That’s just how exciting my life is, I guess!


Vodka and Philosophy on being Poorer than Cuss

First off, I’d like to say a huge THANKS for all the responses I’ve received so far to this beautiful adventure I’ve begun called blogging. It means the world to hear feedback, so if you are one of those people, you truly are the bomb, and I will strive to continue to entertain (or perhaps offend?) you as best I possibly can. Each and every comment, message, or text you’ve made is completely appreciated. On the flip side, if you think everything I write is stupid and weird, I highly recommend looking away. Why are you even at this site? Waste your time much? Sheesh!

Secondly, I’m hungry, and since I was told I was not needed tonight at that magnificent place where there is endless amounts of food, I must fend for myself. If you know me at all, this could get tricky, fast. Especially when my parents have crackers, orange juice, milk, vodka and wine in the house. Have you caught on yet? Most of that list does not qualify as food.

So shoot, I guess I’ll start with a nice mixed drink! Pomegranate infused vodka, sprite, water, dash of Chambord. Beautiful, icy goodness. As far as food goes I have decided to soften up some linguini and add sautéed mushrooms and onion. I went ahead and got super creative, huh?

So anyway, what I really wanted to write about tonight would be the pros and cons of being poorer than shit.

Now, I know that I haven’t finished college and I work at a restaurant and that I’ve complained about both, but those factors actually contribute very little to my being poorer than shit. My problem is pretty simple. I suck with money.

(Does she really have pros in this list?) Oh, my sweet internet sweethearts, I most certainly do.

Positive things about being poorer than shit:

-Possessions come AFTER time spent with others

I would much rather spend the little money I have on experiences with people I think are neat. Currently, I could really use a nice pair of closed toed shoes, being that I have one pair of sandals (thanks, Coop) or winter boots. Fall is fast approaching, but I don’t know if it’s necessary to dive right into the Sorel snow boots. Somehow, simple shoes are put on the back burner.

Cons to being poorer than shit:

-At 25 I would love to continue living on my own as I did out west. But, instead of spending money on rent, I’m attempting to perhaps (eventually) pay off some debt. Thank you to my dear, sweet, accepting mother and father, for welcoming me back in to your home. Some day, I solemnly swear you will be empty nesters. (Wait, this is also a pro, because I have the opportunity to save…and because my parents are actually pretty fantastic..)

You know what? I no longer want to make this list. As I sit here and think of pros and cons I could continue to list I realize that most of the cons I could quickly re-invent to become pros. In the end, however, it’s how you look at the things that challenge you in life. Currently, yes, I can’t afford a thing, and that stinks. And yes, it’s mostly because of the stupid student loans I’m paying off because society pushed me to go to college and reassured me I “wouldn’t even notice paying them off.” (I cussing notice, you liars!) But it’s also the problem that I just need to put some effort in to spending more wisely, so really I can’t blame many factors.

So I surrender, I am bitter about the student loan thing. But not about being poor. I could be sick or be homeless, and what if I had awful vision!? (Oh wait…) It’s a chapter in life.

The truly beautiful thing about this is that I’m not unhappy. I’m still making wonderful memories with people I so truly care about and love, and the best part is that we can always look down the road and be assured that we have so many moments of pure joy that we have yet to experience. I mean, honestly, isn’t that really great to think about?

Just the pep talk I needed.

I’m going to go paint now since I’m feeling all philosophical.