Untwist Panties Before Entering

Good morning, Friends!

You are so right! It’s 10:30 am and I have been enjoying the morning for an entire hour and a half so far!  It’s been gorgeous too, and boy do I have a fantastic coffee buzz to match.

Last night I had a most amazing evening of reminiscence with my sister and an old, dear friend.  This friend is super intelligent.  He was majoring in political science and history before switching over to broadcasting (in which he will dominate, seriously, if you like talking sports, or anything else, call him up).   He is also an avid gardener, hunter and gold panner as well, so you can imagine the knowledge he offers up.

Being that mine (and my sister’s) political view is somewhat lethargic and meandering, it was terrifyingly fun to hear his unbiased (well, and biased) take on what’s happening in America.

I can’t get into it with you, but it can be fascinating to learn from friends that have a lot to say on topics you may have absolutely no interest in. 

So why is it when people get into political discussions, that everyone gets so pissed off and snarky?  I mean, shouldn’t there be room for debate, and isn’t cross-examination at least a little healthy?  We may just all be a little too sensitive…or perhaps stupid. 

(She’s calling me stupid, what a B*$*#) No I’m not…well, maybe!

Not stupid, but you may qualify as uniformed, maybe even as uninformed as myself.  As I realized last night, there is an endless amount going on in our government, and I don’t even understand the first layer. Thank goodness, it seems to get really dark and inky and sad the further you go, but I should still know more than I do.  And I think that goes for all of us, especially before we update our Facebook status with an ignorant rant about part of an article we just read and clearly did not understand .  Seriously, untwist those panties, take a deep breath, and may I suggest a popsicle? They have quite the calming effect.

Man, this perfume smells so weird, I think a shower is in order.