Operation No More Sleeping ’til Noon

I’m not an infant.  I know that I need 7-8 hours of sleep to function at top level.

Somehow, despite usually falling asleep between 2 and 4am I manage a whole lot of extra sleeptime.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Yes, I sleep through half the day.

It means I’m not as productive, active, productive, or productive as I’d like to be. To change this disgusting habit, however, requires exactly that, change.  I’ve never been a morning person, and having an evening job does not help my cause, but those are little evil things I’ve mastered called excuses.

So dare I say a valid attempt will be made to transform in to an early riser?

I’m reading Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver and she has some pretty freaking amazing quotes that I want to tattoo on myself, they’re that good. 

“The changes we dread most may contain our salvation. And the stinging truth that we aren’t entirely loved for our ways in this world?  Like the bear, this thing could eat us up or save us.  We will see.”

Oh boy, is Hannah still talking about sleeping in?

Your guess is as good as mine 😉

It’s a good read, though, highly recommended.

In other news, this city is a great one.  That’s right, people, the Big Apple in all her splendor.  I need another visit.


That cute one in the red hat? Yes, that sweet face is one I would love to see in person again.  Im thinking this needs to happen.


Hi, can I be here now, please?  This image is thanks to my dear friend, Betsy.  Visit her Facebook page, Betsy Schipper Photography.  She knows what’s up.

And thus another session comes to a close.  I hope today I left you with perhaps an unsettling feeling to no longer sleep in until noon (clearly my objective for today…) or maybe, just maybe, you now have that itch that only countless taxis and hundreds of skyscrapers can scratch.  Either way. I love you all.

Until next time,