On the Topic of Irrigation Techniques

Yeah definitely not writing about that.  You always fall for it!

Today will be a one sided discussion on dropping out of college. I might even share Kanye’s view. (off the record!)

I meet a lot of people in my line of work.  Sometimes we don’t get to know eachother at all.  I tell them about the food, they order it, I bring it to them, they rave about how insanely great the service is, they leave.  Other times, the conversation is slightly more in depth than “Medium rare, please,” and will more than likely lead to them asking where I went to college.

This is a fun point.  I love saying that I dropped out and ran away and am now paying for a degree I never received. More often than not the reply is a scolding of some sort. “You’re planning on going back and finishing, right?”  “You know there’s nothing more important than a college education, so I hope you’re eventually going back.”

It’s amazing how this stranger I met only two courses ago can so casually suggest I’ve made an enormous mistake in choosing to leave the world of higher education.  Not to say I think they’re wrong, but I don’t usually meet people and 10 minutes into the conversation imply a direction in life they would regret not taking. 

Please don’t lay a guilt trip on your waitress, she would most likely choose to be doing something else, far from the server world.  However, maybe not.  Your server may be so happy with the life they’re living, so let’s not assume anything.

In my case, the only regret I have was going in the first place.  I was never confident in what I wanted to go for, and my majors ranged in wildly separate spectrums. We’re talking from photojournalism to exercise science (commitment issues, remember?) 

Perhaps I’ll go back to school someday, but I don’t think my happiness or my future solely depend on it. 

What’s that commercial, with the family asking questions and the mom always say “no” ? 

At one point the dad says, “Honey, can I quit my job and start a blog?”

Cracks me up every time.