Why Pictures Are So Incredible


You may use them as a reference that your boobs are natural


Proof that I was once an optimist


Amazing style at every age


This is just a magical picture of hilarity and had to include it.  Anyone sitting in an old space craft would be that thrilled. I wonder, is that how I look when I drive my own space ship around?


The VanDenBerg beauties. I look like a dude, and Leah’s glasses are epic.  Also, Bekah looks like a creeper.


Giant sports jacket, braces, headband. Did we think we would both fit on that saucer?


At my finest.

If photographs didn’t exist, I couldn’t revisit these precious, proud moments of my life.  Also, if I went to grade school with you, I most likely have some incredible pictures of you as well…they may just pop up here and there!  Watch your back and sleep with one eye open, Hannah’s Twenties shows no mercy!

Whilst I rummaged through memories I also came across cassette tapes (Garth Brooks), old hand-made pottery, marbles, event ribbons (first place, obviously), and other confusing items.  Marbles? Excuse the texting lingo but wtf? Why would anyone keep marbles?  They weren’t even kept for the next generation to play with, they’re stuffed in a box and hidden in the depths of a closet.  It’s okay, Mom, I’m sure you had great intentions when you threw them in there…


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