Let’s Talk about Literature…

Just Kidding! I want to rant about boobs!

That’s right, those squishy blubs of fat that hang there, forever ruining womens posture and level of respect.

Now, a woman with small breasticles (real word, folks) can wear any top, usually bra-less, and everything is fine and normal.  She’s so smart and classy!  But once we bigger breasted females allow our God-given brag bags a little fresh air (yes, I’m talking about showing cleavage) we are immediately labeled. Trashy, Slutty, Easy, etc. Ouch! Folks, that hurts ours, and their, feelings. Yes, they have feelings, lots of them.

I am thrilled for the day to come when we can flaunt our D (and whatever magical letter you were given) cups with all the respect they deserve.

Imagine carrying them around – yeah, hard work! And we don’t even get free chiropractic visits!  Talk about unfair.

So please, next time you see a lady walk past you and her cans are out to say hello, show a little respect and look at the womans face. We really like that, when people realize we also have a face and that we speak words.