Welcome, Self!

Hello fellow wanderers of life.

I’m vastly unaware of what’s in store for us here, but I am also intrigued and wholly excited to begin this journey together.

I’m a 25 year-old, single female, living in West Michigan.  It is a land of the married, and the survival rate for singles is dwindling. 

I did always see myself married by now, with kids even, along with a solid job using my degree.  It’s such a smiley, happy portrait, isn’t it?

Well, plans have a way of escaping from me. (They’re sneaky!) So now, instead of the aforementioned life, I am single, no kids, and no degree (though the student loans I pay would suggest otherwise).  How is a girl to survive in this Bible-Belt of Michigan?  I’m as interested as you are.

But, let’s start with small travels, a simple job, perhaps a couple dates here and there.  My family is out of their minds as well, so that’ll be fun too.

Cheers to you!  But cheers to me also, don’t want to be pickin’ favorites!


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